Season 7

 -Episode Currently on Star Trek Onimaru:  

 "The Last Vow”

Star Trek Onimaru was established on August 17th 2014. The game has gone through an incredible journey of memorable characters, episodic locations and nail-biting stories. The Onimaru legacy always strives for exciting uncharted possibilities. 

We’ve always been a live chat and we will continue to be so on the server called Discord. It has enabled the game-play and it has been enjoyable for everyone. Here is a salute to the last six years of great times and our hopeful wish for many more to come. 


Again, thank you for visiting.  Last updated made on: 2-6-21

Genre: Star Trek

Rating: Adult Only

Network: Discord


Intense Dramatic Roleplay

Sexual Content

Some Strong Language

Adult Humor/Content

Existential Dread